Infinity forces breakdown

Often people ask me; “What can this army do?” The short answer is: In infinity, all armies can do everything. But the focus is different for every army. So in this article I’ll give a brief overview of the forces in Infinity and what makes each of them different from the others. While this is a very global article, I hope to shed some light on how each of the forces of Infinity play.

 Pan Oceania

The greatest superpower in the human sphere, Pan-O has access to the most advanced technology available to man. Almost all troops carry some kind of specialized equipment. Think of infrared visors, thermo-optical camouflage or guns carrying special ammunition. They also have the best ballistic skill of all of the currently available forces. Their equipment also includes the best T.A.G.s (large combat walkers) available to man. The drawback to all this equipment is that the soldiers are technology-dependent. This results in lower willpower and physical stats compared to other factions. Pan Oceania is a strong shooting force and they make a good defensive force. They rely on covering their approach and suppressing the enemy with bullets.

Good shooters, strongly defensive

Yu Jing

The great rival of Pan-O is the oriental themed Yu Jing, As you might expect, they have many martial artists and many models have the “courage” special rule, making them hard to dislodge. Some of the more feared troops are the Ninjas, invisible infiltrating models that can kill before they’re seen by the enemy. The Yu Jing heavy infantry is generally considered the best there is with plenty of defensive and offensive abilities.

Strong Heavy Infantry, good at killing from hiding


The most primitive of all Infinity forces are the descendants of the lost colony ship Ariadna. They are mostly of Russian, Scottish, French or American descent. Having fought for survival on the planet Dawn for centuries, they are all hard fighters. Ariadna has plenty of camouflaged troops, such as SAS, or the dreaded Tankhunters. The large amounts of Teseum, a very strong and valuable metal, on the planet allows them to bring the most armour piercing weapons of all the factions. In addition, they have many infiltrators and models with special movement rules, such as super jump or climbing plus, making it easy to reach those inaccessible places on the battlefield.

Fast, camouflage and infiltrate


Every society has it’s outcasts and the nomads are the outcasts of the human society in Infinity. Everything is available at one of the great Nomad ships. As you might have guessed the Nomads are masters in disabling the enemy plan. The nomad nation has many remotes fulfilling many battlefield roles. Nomad hackers are the best hackers available and, combined with plenty of gadgets, they can attack from unexpected corners. They are a frail force and would do best to avoid head on firefights.

Best hackers, unconventional tactics


The greatest scholars, doctors and philosophers can be found in the Haqqislam nation. A force with a strong Arabic theme that excels in skirmishing warfare styles. They have great biologic skills resulting in models with regenerating abilities and plenty of options for medics. Haqqislam also have a darker side in the dreaded Hassasin, a group of highly skilled assassins, some of which are even able to mimic enemy troops. Many soldiers are armed with weapons with viral ammo, which is highly efficient at killing enemy (light) infantry.

Best light infantry, viral weapons, good healing


Aleph is the great A.I. of the human sphere. An all encompassing intelligence, monitoring everything for mankind. The Aleph tactical forces consist of artificially grown soldiers combined with robots. Most troops have are very resilient due to abilities like the no wound incapacitation skill. Where most human forces have a few remotes, Aleph forces can consist almost entirely of robots. The great A.I. has plenty of technology and they don’t hesitate to use it in obliterating their enemies.

Tough, technologically advanced, elite

Combined Army

The combined army is a group of hostile alien races that is currently waging war on the human race. Their technology is complex and highly efficient. All the combined races have special rules making them hard to master but also allow for great tactical flexibility. Their troops are highly specialized and combined forces usually consist of smaller numbers then the human armies. Two of the races that make up this Combined Army have special rules that make them very difficult to chase away from the battlefield. Some of their leaders even have special equipment with which they can take over enemy soldiers.

Persistent, uncommon technology, elite


The latest addition to the Infinity universe are the Tohaa. They are cunning aliens and masters in biotechnology and genetics. Many of their weapons and armour are of a biological nature, far surpassing human technology. They also have a strong affinity with the number three. On the battlefield the Tohaa form many three man fireteams supporting one another. This unique ability allows these fireteams to operate fast and efficient.

Unique equipment and special rules, advanced technology

That’s all the factions for now.  If there is anything more you would like to know about any faction, or the sectorial armies all factions can field, feel free to post a comment below.