Setting up ARO’s

Today I wanted to post a short article about the reactive turn in infinity. When it is your turn your models can secure their mission goals and take down enemy soldiers. But how to prevent the enemy doing the same thing to you next turn?

By being prepared for it. Positioning, equipment and special skills all help with preparing for the coming assault. So know what your models can and can not handle. Know when to dodge and know when to shoot.

I believe snipers are excellent defensive tools. If I want offense I take a HMG (Heavy machine gun), more shots to beat the FtF roll and cheaper then the MSR (Multi sniper rifle). But since we are preparing ourselves for the enemy we look at the defensive benefits our weapons bring.
Since you usually get one shot while performing an ARO make sure it counts. Special ammo, good damage output and range are all important.
The MSR with his special ammo, high damage and good range is thus very good for covering the board and denying ground. Multi rifles, contenders and even the humble flash pulses are excellent tools to use.

But there is more to consider than just the gun you use. If you want to survive the enemy’s turn you need to stack up modifiers. You can do this in various ways. The easiest way, for me, is taking the Bagh Mari or Nisse. Both troops have some armour, but most importantly, mimetism and a visor. (I play mostly Pan Oceania but similar troops can be found in all factions) Making them harder to be shot and giving them the ability to negate some enemy modifiers.

A different way is taking a sapper. This model brings it’s own cover and mimetism. Or a TO sniper (but I’d rather user them to get rid of an ususpecting enemy model in the active turn rather then using it defensively.

Again another manner to set up good ARO’s is by using suppression fire or by taking a total reaction remote. This gives you your full burst in the defensive turn.
The last way to set up good ARO’s would be a full link team. With increased burst, sixth sense and +3 to their rolls facing multiple model’s in one order becomes a daunting task for most enemy soldiers.

My final pieces of advice would be;

  1.  Make sure to be in cover, your troops need all the protection they can get.
  2. Cover the mission objectives because you know that’s where the enemy will have to go to win.
  3. Every tactic can be countered. So expect the unexpected.

Well hopefully this short article will help you survive the hostile turn so your troops can once more snatch the victory from their enemy.
If you have any tips or tricks I didn’t mention I’d be glad to hear them.



1 thought on “Setting up ARO’s

  1. Good tip about covering the objectives! Sometimes it is more important that your opponent cannot reach that one important objective in his next turn than it is for you to have that one more objective point.

    One thing I would suggest, is to make sure that an important bottleneck is covered by more than one ARO shot (preferably by more than one model). The less advantageous your opponent’s face-to-face rolls, the more likely it is that he will spend a lot of extra orders to make sure he removes your ARO from that bottleneck… and this will give him less chances to get to that one objective!

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