First squad of cultists is finished

Hi all,

It’s been quite some time since the previous update, but I haven’t been idle! The first unit of cultists is finished, and the second one is already quite underway. I’ll post pics of those soon.

My plans for painting are to first get the Dark Vengeance models painted, and from there expand the list. When the DV models are done, I think we’ll play a battle with both our forces. Based on that game, I’ll decide what next to build and paint! But first, the painted unit:

Kurt readjusted his mask and scratched the old mark branded in his shoulder, waiting for the last members of his cell to enter. With the door closing behind the last one, he took a deep breath and strepped from behind the pillar.

“Welcome, Revolutionaires! Honour to the Prophet! For months now, we have been hunted and prosecuted for asking questions! Countless workers have disappeared, only to find them back tortured and killed! This cruelty towards the hard working people of this manufactorium must end! We will not suffer the cruelty of our Arbites tyrants any longer! In less than an hour, a patrol will pass through this very manufactorium, assuming that they have this whole level in their iron grip. We, Revolutionaires of the Prophet, will teach them their error! Grab your weapons and follow me!”

Cultist champion

Kurt, Cultist Champion

Cultist with CCW


Cultist with flamer

Cultist with flamer

Cultist squad with CCW

Cultist squad with CCW

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