Welcome to The Gaming Dutchman

Hi everyone, welcome to my website, thegamingdutchman.com.

As you might have guessed I’m dutch, and on thegamingdutchman I plan to write articles about my experiences with my favorite hobby which happens to be playing games. What a coincidence!

Games I’m actively playing are mostly war- and board games. Some of them are:

  • Infinity the game
  • Warmachine/Hordes
  • Warhammer 40.000
  • Twilight Imperium
  • Arkham horror
  • (but to be honest the list goes on and on)

Well that’s it for now. Hope to see you around on thegamingdutchman.com and if there is anything you wish to know, feel free to leave a comment

The Gaming Dutchman


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