Infinity armylist building

Our infinity gaming group is growing steadily and I have plenty of opportunities to play a game. However I see many new players struggle with their armylists. Infinity is a game where most models can accomplish most tasks, but still there are some guidelines that will help you build a viable list.

Orders and order management

The first, and most important point has to do with orders. Simply put, orders allow you to take actions, and actions win you games! Boldly stated:  Any force with less orders than the enemy is already at a disadvantage. Then again there are the orders that are not on the table from the start. These are Aerial deployment or troops in hidden deployment. They don’t supply orders from the start but they allow you to surprise the enemy and catch them unaware. So a bit of both is usually prefered. My lists are usually built to give me at least 8 orders in a battlegroup with 6 to 8 on the table. This allows me to build up an offensive in my turn and not having to abort my plan due to a lack of orders. Hidden deployment or Aerial deployment is often included so that I can either attack from an unexpected corner or defend myself from tricks the enemy pulled on me.

The second way of making the most of your orders is to know your skills and the rules of the game. Using the right tool for the job might save you a bunch of orders over the course of a game.  And this brings me to the next point.

Have the right tool for the job.

A game of infinity consists of more than just shooting the enemy. You’ll also need to secure objectives and counter you opponent from securing his objectives/shooting you. This means that every list should have the ability to complete the mission! So if you know you’ll have to hack the enemy super computer, bring a hacker, preferably two, and protect them!

Since most armies have the ability to use camouflage I’ll always try to have some way to mitigate it, either through including models with MSV’s, or using a large link team.
Likewise I’ll always try to include something to surpise my enemies, camo of my own or AD troops to pry open any areas that aren’t well defended.

Last but not least I try to include some good shooters. While killing the enemy troops usually isn’t required to win it does help a lot! Shooters usually have one of two roles:
Offensive or defensive. Defensive troops don’t require many orders and are mostly there to harass the enemy and to deter any bold moves. Think total reaction remotes, sin eaters, troops with sniper rifles etc. Once they are in position the require very few orders to do their part.
Offensive troops are there to take out the enemy in my turn. They often are fast, hard to hit or able to take a hit. High burst weapons are preferable. Some exambles are: troops with ODD/camo or heavy infantry with a spitfire.


There are some very handy armybuilders available. This will make sure your list adds up and it saves you a lot of time writing everything down. My favorite armybuilder is the Aleph Toolbox but you can also check out infinity pool or the Devil team armybuilder.
So there you have my ideas on how to build a list for Infinity. What are your strategies on listbuilding?


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