Holiday Sale at Fantasy Flight Games and Privateer Press

 Fantasy flight games are having their annual holiday sale. This is a great opportunity to get some cheap board games, novels or Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay.

The sale lasts till December the third so there is still one week to to visit their website and grab some stuff! I own a bunch of FFG board games and really enjoy them so if you don’t know them yet this might be a good opportunity to get to know them.

Then there is also another 25 pts bundle sale for WARMACHINE and HORDES at privateer press. The sets include everything you need to get started, including the rules. So if you were thinking about buying that new army, now might be the time.


Infinity campaign: paradiso – a review

Our friends at Corvus Belli recently published the long awaited Paradiso campaign book. This book not only brings the rules for the newest faction: the scheming Tohaa but it also contains a complete campaignset including missions, new profiles and much more.

The front cover of the new Paradiso: Campaign

Lay out:The book is what we are used to from Corvus Belli, a beautiful hardcover book  with tons of full color images and art. The lay out has changed a little from the previous books but still has a definitive infinity feel to it. Unfortunately it remains clear that english isn’t the writers native language and the book contains some spelling and grammar mistakes that shouldn’t be there.3 out of 5

The background:

The book describes the planet Paradiso which is beset by the forces of the combined army. There are serveral sections each explaining with part of the background. There is detailed information about all the new forces and characters. The blockades the human nations have put up in space around paradiso, the forces deployed on the planet and the backgound surrounding the campaign missions.
The background is well thought out and expands upon the existing infinity feel.

4 out of 5

The campaign system:

The missions in the campaign are playable as one of games but can also be played as part of an ongoing campaign. The missions are divided in four chapters which each can be played as a mini campaign. And if that is not enough there is even the option to play all scenario’s in a narrative mode. In this mode you’ll reenact the background story surrounding Paradiso.

The scenarios are detailed and well thought out. You can win through killing your opponent’s army but obtaining the mission goals since these give you expercience points . These mission goals are varied and often you need a specialist to achieve them. Hackers to encrypt data, engineers to activate power cores etc. Preparing your army for the coming mission is no luxury but a necessity!

The experience gained during the missions can be used in several ways. First of all you can use the experience in a sort of tech tree called military specialties. The specialties each give advantages in a different field. For example, the intelligence specialty allows you to gain information about the opponent’s armylist before the game starts.

Experience can also be spent upon the “special ops”. This soldier can be given specialist equipment and learn extra skills or improve his stats by spending xp. Of course, after spending a bunch of xp on your special ops you don’t want to get him killed so bringing a doctor might be a smart idea.

5 out of 5!

The rules:

The book also contains new rules, equipment, profiles and even a complete new faction. Some profiles replace the old profile from a previous book which complicates matters a bit if people don’t have the most recent book.
The new faction, the Tohaa, are a race with great biotechnical skill. Using symbiont armour their fighting skills are greatly enhanced. They have serveral unique rules, one of them allows them to form multiple three men fireteams. They feel like a new faction with a play style separating them from existing factions. There could have been some more profiles though. There are now 13 different units to choose from while some existing factions have more than double that ammount of units to choose from. Compared to the number of units factions got in the first book (around twenty) this feels a bit meager.

The new rules, equipment and profiles add more variety to the game. You could say the options are almost infinite: 4 out of 5

Overall the paradiso campaign book scores 16 out of the maximal 20 points. It’s a beautiful book elaborating on the existing infinity universe. A good, and more important, useful book for the game. Definitely worth the wait and I definitely recommend it to all infinity players.

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