Infinity armylist building

Our infinity gaming group is growing steadily and I have plenty of opportunities to play a game. However I see many new players struggle with their armylists. Infinity is a game where most models can accomplish most tasks, but still there are some guidelines that will help you build a viable list.

Orders and order management

The first, and most important point has to do with orders. Simply put, orders allow you to take actions, and actions win you games! Boldly stated:  Any force with less orders than the enemy is already at a disadvantage. Then again there are the orders that are not on the table from the start. These are Aerial deployment or troops in hidden deployment. They don’t supply orders from the start but they allow you to surprise the enemy and catch them unaware. So a bit of both is usually prefered. My lists are usually built to give me at least 8 orders in a battlegroup with 6 to 8 on the table. This allows me to build up an offensive in my turn and not having to abort my plan due to a lack of orders. Hidden deployment or Aerial deployment is often included so that I can either attack from an unexpected corner or defend myself from tricks the enemy pulled on me.

The second way of making the most of your orders is to know your skills and the rules of the game. Using the right tool for the job might save you a bunch of orders over the course of a game.  And this brings me to the next point.

Have the right tool for the job.

A game of infinity consists of more than just shooting the enemy. You’ll also need to secure objectives and counter you opponent from securing his objectives/shooting you. This means that every list should have the ability to complete the mission! So if you know you’ll have to hack the enemy super computer, bring a hacker, preferably two, and protect them!

Since most armies have the ability to use camouflage I’ll always try to have some way to mitigate it, either through including models with MSV’s, or using a large link team.
Likewise I’ll always try to include something to surpise my enemies, camo of my own or AD troops to pry open any areas that aren’t well defended.

Last but not least I try to include some good shooters. While killing the enemy troops usually isn’t required to win it does help a lot! Shooters usually have one of two roles:
Offensive or defensive. Defensive troops don’t require many orders and are mostly there to harass the enemy and to deter any bold moves. Think total reaction remotes, sin eaters, troops with sniper rifles etc. Once they are in position the require very few orders to do their part.
Offensive troops are there to take out the enemy in my turn. They often are fast, hard to hit or able to take a hit. High burst weapons are preferable. Some exambles are: troops with ODD/camo or heavy infantry with a spitfire.


There are some very handy armybuilders available. This will make sure your list adds up and it saves you a lot of time writing everything down. My favorite armybuilder is the Aleph Toolbox but you can also check out infinity pool or the Devil team armybuilder.
So there you have my ideas on how to build a list for Infinity. What are your strategies on listbuilding?


Infinity Battle report: Ariadna vs PanOceania 200 pts

Mission: On the planet Dawn, during the Commercial Wars, a contingent of PanOceanian soldiers was tasked with scouting an abandoned mining settlement. What they did not anticipate though, was the presence of a hostile scouting force doing exactly the same! The maneuvering of the two scouting parties resulted in both sides being cut off from their own forces by their opponents. In order to notify their superiors of enemy presence they both needed to reach their own lines. To do this they needed to move through the enemy forces, killing as many of them while going through (Every model killed provides victory points equal to its points value. In addition, every friendly model in the enemy deployment zone provides additional points equal to its points value).

Ariadna force:

– Veteran Kazak (Lt, HMG, light flamethrower, V:No wound incapacitation, Sixth sense L2, CH:mimetism) (61/1)

– Line Kazak (Rifle, Forward observer) (12/0)

– Line Kazak (Rifle, Forward observer) (12/0)

– Para-commando (Rifle, Light grenade launcher, AD: parachutist) (25/1)

– SAS (Chain rifle, assault pistol, AP CCW, grenades, CH: camouflage, Infiltration, Martial arts L2) (23/0)

– Scout (Ojotnik, antipersonnel mines, CH: camouflage, Infiltration) (26/0)

– Cateran (T2 Sniper rifle, AP CCW, CH: limited camouflage, CH: mimetism, Climbing plus) (29/1)

– Highlander (Chainrifle, AP CCW, Smoke grenades, Berserk, V: Dogged) (6/0)

– Highlander (Chainrifle, AP CCW, Smoke grenades, Berserk, V: Dogged) (6/0)

This list is built in order to put much pressure on the opponent, directly from the beginning. Both of the Highlanders will advance on one flank, to cause as much disruption as they can before dying. Their smoke grenades, high physical (for dodging) and V: Dogged should allow them to reach the enemy lines, where their chain rifles can cause some serious damage. Even if they will not reach the enemy, the opponent will hopefully spend a lot of orders to shut them down, which also allows them to earn back their points easily. The two camouflaged infiltrators will deploy out of Line of Fire on the other flank, as close to the centerline as possible. Their role will be to tackle any opponents that come on that flank, but their main purpose is to provide orders and discourage the opponent to sent troops over that flank. The two line kazaks will go on the same flank as the highlanders, giving them some fire support. In addition, if the opportunity arises, they can advance and Forward Observe an enemy model, preferably one that is close together with other models of its side. This will allow the Para-commando to appear on that side of the table, to shoot the FO’d models with speculative fire, allowing him to ignore the -6 to hit penalty, and therefore hitting the models on a 15 or less (provided that he is within 16” of the enemy models). The Cateran sniper will find high ground, from where he can remove any models that will interfere with my plans on both flanks. Finally, the veteran kazak will deploy in the center of my lines, hopefully allowing him to provide fire support to both flanks, either by direct shots or by laying down suppression fire zones.

Seeing the layout of the table, I opted to deploy the line kazaks and the Highlanders on the left flank and infiltrate the camouflage markers on the right flank, behind one of the buildings. The veteran kazak was deployed behind cover, where he could cover the center of the table and the right flank. After my opponent deployed, I put the Cateran also on my left flank, where he could climb on top of the left building. This should allow him to take care of the heavy flame thrower bots early in the game. The Para-commando will come on the table in zone 8 (my left flank, as close to the enemy deployment zone as possible).

Pan Oceanian Force:


– Fusilier Combi Rifle / Pistol, Knife
– Fusilier Lieutenant Combi Rifle / Pistol, Knife Lieutenant
– Kamau Hacker Combi Rifle / Pistol, Knife Aquatic Terrain, Hacking Device
– 2x Auxilia Combi Rifle + Auxbot / Pistol, Knife + AUXBOT_1 Heavy Flamethrower /Electric Pulse
– Hexa Spitfire / Pistol, Electric Pulse CH: TO Camouflage
– Bagh-Mari HMG / Pistol, Knife Aquatic Terrain | Desert Terrain | Jungle Terrain, CH: Mimetism, Multispectral Visor L1
– Bagh-Mari Combi Rifle + Light Shotgun / Pistol, Knife Aquatic Terrain | Desert Terrain | Jungle Terrain, CH: Mimetism, Multispectral Visor L1
– Magister Knight Panzerfaust / Pistol, EXP CCW Martial Arts L2, Religious Troop, Hyper-Dynamics L1
– Regular Combi Rifle, Antipersonnel Mines / Pistol, Knife Jungle Terrain, Minelayer, Sensor

199 Points | SWC: 4

Not knowing what I could expect tried to make a list that can deal with all sorts of opponents and missions. The two Auxilia with their heavy flamer armed remotes together with the mine laying regular are capable of stopping enemy forces assaulting my positions. My lieutenant is a humble fusilier, nothing fancy but then again my battleplan won’t fall apart if I lose him. A second fusilier is there to bring an extra order to the table and to help hiding my lieutenant. The Bagh mari’s are good all rounders, their visors help spotting camouflaged troops while their mimetism make them hard to shoot. So depending on the mission and enemy they can either hang back or move up and bring the fight to the enemy. To round out my ability to take forward positions I decided to bring a magister knight because they are tough and still really quick. With this core I have a good defense and offense. To complete the army I decided to bring small surprise and a kamau hacker. This girl is amazing in protecting my troops from enemy guided missiles and if I need to download a top secret computer program I at least have a professional with me. Then there is the surprise… A Hexas with spitfire. Thermo optical camouflage allows me to deploy the model without giving my opponent any clue to where it is and when the Hexas decloaks the enemy has a hefty -6 penalty to shoot him. The spitfire is a rapid firing sub machine gun, hopefully this model packs enough firepower so that when I decide to use him he surprises the enemy and allows me to gain the upper hand.

My opponent won the initiative and decided he would like to start. I decided to deploy in the more defensible half after I knew what my opponent’s set up was. I deployed a fusilier prone on top of the roof so he couldn’t be seen by the enemy and could claim a good field of fire during my turn. The second Fusilier was hidden out of sight behind a corner. The hacker deployed in the centre. The regular was set up opposite of the camo tokens and placed a mine to cover the door of the building. My Bagh Mari’s and Auxilia’s were divided over both flanks so that I could deal with either the camouflage troops rushing me over my left flank or the highlanders doing the same over my right flank. Since the Highlanders are impeteous I reinforced that flank with my magister knight. The Hexas was set up in the forward center so it could be used to reinforce either flank or rush through the middle surprising the enemy. Satisfied with my deployment and sure that I could deal with any surprise coming my way in turn one I told my opponent he could start the game.

Ariadna Turn 1:

The Highlanders started their turn by shouting insults to the enemy, and running towards the stairs of the left building as fast as they could with their Impetuous move. They also used their irregular move to move up the stairs and take cover behind the corner of the building. Seeing his Highlander comrades run forward, the Cateran sprinted towards the building swinging his grappling hook. In the blink of an eye, he was on top of the building and started to prepare his sniper rifle. His first victim was a soldier that was lying prone on top of the garage. The pampered boy saw his doom coming and tried to dodge, but learned the hard way that playing video games and having robots do your job does not prepare well you for real combat. Next, the sniper moved to the other side of the building and took a couple of shots at the combat-bot that was deployed behind the wall, finally disabling it.

Panoceania Turn 1:

While most of the army was still in shock by the sudden appearance of the cateran sniper the Bagh Mari received orders to neutralize the sniper. With the sniper on top of the building my advance would be severly hampered. He took up position and emptied a full magazine at the enemy position. With the sniper taken care of the next threat were the Highlanders. Their position was well fortified. The magister knight decided to take matters in his own hands and rushed forward to bring the fight to them. He sprinted up the stairs and emptied his shotgun while the Highlanders tried to hide themselves in a smoke curtain. The Highlanders might have been surprised but the veteran Kazak was expecting something and the knight took a bullet to the chest for his efforts. The Heroic knight decided that discretion was the better part of valor and quickly dodged behind a wall.

Ariadna Turn 2:

After seeing both of the Highlanders getting shot-gunned to pieces and the life-symbol of the sniper going black, the Veteran Kazak had to rethink his strategy. He ordered the Scout to move towards the other building and see if he could take care of the knight that just shot down two of his soldiers. Cautiously, the scout moved up the stairs towards the left building, in order to place a couple of mines in strategic spots. While moving up the stairs, he though he saw something close to the right building’s entrance, but it was difficult to spot. After peering at it for some time, he identified it as an enemy mine and decided to take care of it by shooting it with his ojotnik. After the shot, he felt quite exposed on the stairs and decided to go back to his previous hiding place. With that, the Veteran Kazak decided to cover the left flank with a suppression fire zone, to discourage the enemy forces to break through their lines on that side of the settlement.

Panoceania Turn 2:

Luckily the enemy spent most of their turn disarming my mine so I could put more pressure on the enemy. My right flank moved forward a bit and was ready to push through the enemy lines next turn. Consolidating my left flank would take to much time. In the meantime high command figured out who the enemy lieutenant was. It had to be the veteran kazak guarding the cente. Thus the hexas received orders to move up and to remove the hostile suppression fire for my troops by killing the enemy leader. Taking the kazak by surprise the hexas fired his spitfire at the veteran soldier. The kazak was hit and wounded but since he has the veteran skill he didn’t go down. The Hexas fired another round and the kazak tried to dodge behind cover so he could no longer be seen by the Hexas. But the veteran moved too slow and that cost him his life.

Ariadna Turn 3:

With the lieutenant being shot down, the only thing the Ariadna force could do was decide who was second in command. It didn’t help that the force was composed of soldiers from three different nationalities . After a lot of pulling rank, the SAS took control of the battle group and he, after seeing all his countrymen being gunned down, ordered a tactical retreat to leave the settlement and find safety in the surrounding forests.

Ariadna Afterthoughts:

Well, that were a lot of things not going exactly as planned! It was nice to win the Initiative roll, which allowed me to choose to go first. And the Highlanders distracted the opponent, although it was unfortunate that I did not roll one point higher on my smoke grenade roll when the Knight shot-gunned both of my Highlanders. This would have allowed them to survive and that would have possibly allowed me to let the Highlanders take care of the knight by themselves. This would then have allowed me to make use of the forward observers and the speculative fire of the para-commando.

Another thing that didn’t go exactly as planned was the Cateran in my first turn. It took him too many orders to take down the flamethrower bot, which depleted my order pool faster than planned. The plan was to also take down the bot’s controller, which would have cost my opponent an order. After that, I would have let the sniper go prone in order to prevent it being HMG’d by the Bagh-mari that was waiting just out of LoF for his turn.

The last thing that I would have hoped to have gone better is the scout trying to detect the mine and shoot it. By failing first an attempt to identify it, and then needing three orders to shoot the mine, I did not have time to place the two mines that I had planned. One of them would have been placed inside the building, which would have hit the Knight as soon as he entered the building or moved past the doorway on the other side. The second mine would have covered the advance through the center of the table. This could have made a big difference, since later it turned out that there was a TO camoed Hexas with spitfire waiting on that side! By there not being a mine there, the Hexas had all the time in the world to take care of my Veteran Kazak, basically winning him the game.

Anyway, even though a lot of things went wrong for my side, it was still a relaxed and entertaining game. We both learned a couple of things and I’m already thinking about some cunning plans to do better in my next game. Next time Pascal! Next time!

Panoceania afterthoughts:

Preparation wins the day! Well that and some bad luck on Clint’s side.

Having faced the Ariadnan force before I knew that they can move up really quick with their infiltrators and impeteous troops. Thus I decided on a catious deployment so that I would take minimum casualties in my first turn. The sniper killing my fusilier was a nasty surprise but by dodging the auxilia was safe from return fire leaving only the aux bot exposed.

The sniper together with the highlanders formed a real bottleneck. Highlanders with their dogged rule are hard to kill so I had to take them out this turn. I decided to take some risks and sacrifice my magister knight for this. But beyond all expectations he survived his suicide assault, anchoring my battle line.

The man of the match was definitely the hexas. The TO camouflage combined with cover makes the model extremely hard to hit so I could send him in alone to do his job. It was a good thing Clint decided to try and keep his suppression corridor because with the sixth sense ability he wouldn’t be surprised by decloaking troops and that could have turned the odds in his favour.

I had a really good game and learned quite a bit in the use of heavy infantry. Next time Clint will no doubt be expecting some hidden models. So I might just decide on using some Aerial Deployment to outflank his forward troops.



Infinity forces breakdown

Often people ask me; “What can this army do?” The short answer is: In infinity, all armies can do everything. But the focus is different for every army. So in this article I’ll give a brief overview of the forces in Infinity and what makes each of them different from the others. While this is a very global article, I hope to shed some light on how each of the forces of Infinity play.

 Pan Oceania

The greatest superpower in the human sphere, Pan-O has access to the most advanced technology available to man. Almost all troops carry some kind of specialized equipment. Think of infrared visors, thermo-optical camouflage or guns carrying special ammunition. They also have the best ballistic skill of all of the currently available forces. Their equipment also includes the best T.A.G.s (large combat walkers) available to man. The drawback to all this equipment is that the soldiers are technology-dependent. This results in lower willpower and physical stats compared to other factions. Pan Oceania is a strong shooting force and they make a good defensive force. They rely on covering their approach and suppressing the enemy with bullets.

Good shooters, strongly defensive

Yu Jing

The great rival of Pan-O is the oriental themed Yu Jing, As you might expect, they have many martial artists and many models have the “courage” special rule, making them hard to dislodge. Some of the more feared troops are the Ninjas, invisible infiltrating models that can kill before they’re seen by the enemy. The Yu Jing heavy infantry is generally considered the best there is with plenty of defensive and offensive abilities.

Strong Heavy Infantry, good at killing from hiding


The most primitive of all Infinity forces are the descendants of the lost colony ship Ariadna. They are mostly of Russian, Scottish, French or American descent. Having fought for survival on the planet Dawn for centuries, they are all hard fighters. Ariadna has plenty of camouflaged troops, such as SAS, or the dreaded Tankhunters. The large amounts of Teseum, a very strong and valuable metal, on the planet allows them to bring the most armour piercing weapons of all the factions. In addition, they have many infiltrators and models with special movement rules, such as super jump or climbing plus, making it easy to reach those inaccessible places on the battlefield.

Fast, camouflage and infiltrate


Every society has it’s outcasts and the nomads are the outcasts of the human society in Infinity. Everything is available at one of the great Nomad ships. As you might have guessed the Nomads are masters in disabling the enemy plan. The nomad nation has many remotes fulfilling many battlefield roles. Nomad hackers are the best hackers available and, combined with plenty of gadgets, they can attack from unexpected corners. They are a frail force and would do best to avoid head on firefights.

Best hackers, unconventional tactics


The greatest scholars, doctors and philosophers can be found in the Haqqislam nation. A force with a strong Arabic theme that excels in skirmishing warfare styles. They have great biologic skills resulting in models with regenerating abilities and plenty of options for medics. Haqqislam also have a darker side in the dreaded Hassasin, a group of highly skilled assassins, some of which are even able to mimic enemy troops. Many soldiers are armed with weapons with viral ammo, which is highly efficient at killing enemy (light) infantry.

Best light infantry, viral weapons, good healing


Aleph is the great A.I. of the human sphere. An all encompassing intelligence, monitoring everything for mankind. The Aleph tactical forces consist of artificially grown soldiers combined with robots. Most troops have are very resilient due to abilities like the no wound incapacitation skill. Where most human forces have a few remotes, Aleph forces can consist almost entirely of robots. The great A.I. has plenty of technology and they don’t hesitate to use it in obliterating their enemies.

Tough, technologically advanced, elite

Combined Army

The combined army is a group of hostile alien races that is currently waging war on the human race. Their technology is complex and highly efficient. All the combined races have special rules making them hard to master but also allow for great tactical flexibility. Their troops are highly specialized and combined forces usually consist of smaller numbers then the human armies. Two of the races that make up this Combined Army have special rules that make them very difficult to chase away from the battlefield. Some of their leaders even have special equipment with which they can take over enemy soldiers.

Persistent, uncommon technology, elite


The latest addition to the Infinity universe are the Tohaa. They are cunning aliens and masters in biotechnology and genetics. Many of their weapons and armour are of a biological nature, far surpassing human technology. They also have a strong affinity with the number three. On the battlefield the Tohaa form many three man fireteams supporting one another. This unique ability allows these fireteams to operate fast and efficient.

Unique equipment and special rules, advanced technology

That’s all the factions for now.  If there is anything more you would like to know about any faction, or the sectorial armies all factions can field, feel free to post a comment below.

Infinity campaign: paradiso – a review

Our friends at Corvus Belli recently published the long awaited Paradiso campaign book. This book not only brings the rules for the newest faction: the scheming Tohaa but it also contains a complete campaignset including missions, new profiles and much more.

The front cover of the new Paradiso: Campaign

Lay out:The book is what we are used to from Corvus Belli, a beautiful hardcover book  with tons of full color images and art. The lay out has changed a little from the previous books but still has a definitive infinity feel to it. Unfortunately it remains clear that english isn’t the writers native language and the book contains some spelling and grammar mistakes that shouldn’t be there.3 out of 5

The background:

The book describes the planet Paradiso which is beset by the forces of the combined army. There are serveral sections each explaining with part of the background. There is detailed information about all the new forces and characters. The blockades the human nations have put up in space around paradiso, the forces deployed on the planet and the backgound surrounding the campaign missions.
The background is well thought out and expands upon the existing infinity feel.

4 out of 5

The campaign system:

The missions in the campaign are playable as one of games but can also be played as part of an ongoing campaign. The missions are divided in four chapters which each can be played as a mini campaign. And if that is not enough there is even the option to play all scenario’s in a narrative mode. In this mode you’ll reenact the background story surrounding Paradiso.

The scenarios are detailed and well thought out. You can win through killing your opponent’s army but obtaining the mission goals since these give you expercience points . These mission goals are varied and often you need a specialist to achieve them. Hackers to encrypt data, engineers to activate power cores etc. Preparing your army for the coming mission is no luxury but a necessity!

The experience gained during the missions can be used in several ways. First of all you can use the experience in a sort of tech tree called military specialties. The specialties each give advantages in a different field. For example, the intelligence specialty allows you to gain information about the opponent’s armylist before the game starts.

Experience can also be spent upon the “special ops”. This soldier can be given specialist equipment and learn extra skills or improve his stats by spending xp. Of course, after spending a bunch of xp on your special ops you don’t want to get him killed so bringing a doctor might be a smart idea.

5 out of 5!

The rules:

The book also contains new rules, equipment, profiles and even a complete new faction. Some profiles replace the old profile from a previous book which complicates matters a bit if people don’t have the most recent book.
The new faction, the Tohaa, are a race with great biotechnical skill. Using symbiont armour their fighting skills are greatly enhanced. They have serveral unique rules, one of them allows them to form multiple three men fireteams. They feel like a new faction with a play style separating them from existing factions. There could have been some more profiles though. There are now 13 different units to choose from while some existing factions have more than double that ammount of units to choose from. Compared to the number of units factions got in the first book (around twenty) this feels a bit meager.

The new rules, equipment and profiles add more variety to the game. You could say the options are almost infinite: 4 out of 5

Overall the paradiso campaign book scores 16 out of the maximal 20 points. It’s a beautiful book elaborating on the existing infinity universe. A good, and more important, useful book for the game. Definitely worth the wait and I definitely recommend it to all infinity players.