Over half way done!

Hi all,

I’ve finished the second squad of cultists. Now there are only the six Chosen, the Helbrute and the Lord left! Soon it will be time to start thinking about a list to play with.. I’m thinking to start with 1000 points, including at least the two cultist squads. I might add more models to the close combat squad though, so that the inevitable Dark Apostle will have a nice flock to ‘inspire’.. ūüėČ

Buron smiled in satisfaction. The cell led by Kurt had arrived exactly on time to occupy the Arbites patrol, allowing his cell to kill the guards of the powerplant. Nervously, he fingered the bomb that he¬†had been given by the Prophet’s servant.¬†One last time, he summed up the instructions: find the cooling tubes leading into the plasma core. Place the device and¬†give the prayer.¬†Paint the symbols in blood and take the life of one servant, your own if necessary, to activate the bomb.¬†The explosion and the energy shutdown of the¬†whole sector will¬†allow us to teach the¬†Arbites that even their fortress cannot protect them from the¬†wrath of the¬†Justified.¬†He checked one last time if all the guards were dead, and then made his way into the structure..¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†

Shooty cultist champion

Buron, cultist champion

Shooty cultist 3

Shooty cultist 1

Shooty cultist

Shooty cultist 2

Shooty cultists

Shooty cultists