Tale of two gamers: Chaos

Hi everybody,

I get to build a Chaos Space Marine army for my part of the Tale of Two Gamers. It seemed like a good idea, since Chaos and the Dark Angels are the newest two books for 40k and both of these have been designed for 40k 6th. I always had a love for Chaos in the fluff, and one arose above all others.. the Word Bearers!

In the beginnings of 4th edition, I alWordbearers Logoready started a Word Bearers army, including the obligatory daemons. I even used it to win several small, independent tournaments! With the coming of 5th edition and it’s corresponding Chaos Space Marines book, I lost my appetite for the tournament scene and my Word Bearers also weren’t really playable any more, making them end up on the shelf collecting dust. I never lost interest in the fluff, especially not after reading Dark Apostle from the Black Library, but playing the army just didn’t do it for me. Fast forward to now, where we have both a new edition of the rulebook and a new Chaos Space Marines book! Together with the ability to legally take allies, I can finally build a correct Word Bearers army again. And that will be the task for the coming months!

Dark Vengeance Chaos

Chaos models from Dark Vengeance

We both decided that the Dark Vengeance box is too good to pass by, and it is also a very nice start for new players that want to play either of the included factions. Therefore, we decided to start our first part of the blog with that box. The ultimate goal will be to build a 2000 points list but, since we don’t have a specific deadline, we will do this in small, manageable, steps. I am not completely sure if I will use all of the parts of the kit, but I am sure that most of it will end up in the final list, somehow. I already know, for example, that I will not include a unit of chosen. But it would be a shame not to include such beautiful models in my army! Therefore, they will be the unit champions of my Chaos Space Marine units! I have already checked what equipment the models carry, and all of these options are also possible to give to the CSM Champion models. The fact that the Chosen have mutated armor is an added bonus, since I am planning to give all my unit champions the Gift of Mutation anyway! Our box arrived a couple of days ago, so now it is time to start building! Next time, I’ll give you an overview of what I am considering for a first small list, and I also hope to show you some pictures of my first unit!

Until next time!

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